Rhythmic Masters

Anna RobertsonAuckland-Northland, e-News, Regional

Nicola Ryan has been a regular participant at the NZ Masters Games in rhythmic gymnastics.  “It would be great to see more people giving it a go. No leotards required and you can do pairs/trios/group too. It’s a bit of a challenge, bit of a laugh and a bit of fun with apparatus! It doesn’t need to be hard or complicated, and in my case definitely not flexible!”.

Daughter: “Wow! You should do that Mum!”
Mum: “I better not, cos I might beat you …..LOL!”
– a conversation after seeing one of Nicola’s routines on Facebook.

The 2017 New Zealand Masters Games are being held in Whanganui from 3 – 12 February – check out their website for more information on how to get involved.