Programme Planning for the New Year

Anna RobertsonCentral-Wellington, e-News, Regional

The end of term 3 and the beginning of term 4 is the perfect time to re-evaluate your club’s programmes. Maybe it’s time for something new? Maybe you have seen over the past 9 months and influx of boys age 7-10? Check out a few of the programmes that your club can get involved with today…

moveMprove logomoveMprove®
moveMprove® is a prescribed 4 level programme which can be delivered both in schools or in your facility, to teach and develop fundamental patterns. Each session runs for 45-60 minutes and has 4 parts:

  • Part 1 – A warm-up or starter activity that reflects the learning intentions.
  • Part 2 – Explore – a guided movement exploration section. The whole class learns together, led by a coach.
  • Part 3 – Students engaged, in smaller groups, on tasks set at specific spaces.
  • Part 4 – A finishing activity that reviews the learning.

In Wellington there is funding available to all accredited moveMprove® clubs for delivery in Wellington schools (Wellington Central, Masterton and as far north as Otaki) – in 2016 alone five gymsports clubs delivered to more than thirty-five schools.

Incentive Awards PassportIncentive Awards
Why not offer something a little different? Each of the four codes within incentive awards helps develop fundamental skills and skill development:

  • Rhythmic is performed to music developing rhythm and dance
  • Aerobics is high energy with a lot of strength components
  • Trampoline involves strength and control
  • Artistic helps to develop basic competition skills

If you would like to try a new code but you need more support just contact your Relationship Manager and workshops can be provided near you.

Judging note: A same code Elementary Judge is required for Levels 1-4 and a same code Junior Judge for Levels 5- 7.

Group of happy gymnastsTeamGym
Are you going to the Gym For All Coaching Symposium? Why not put what you learn into practice and look at providing TeamGym Classes – there are two competitions a year (although you could be brave and host a third), and are an excellent way of incorporating late starters into recreation, catering to those who like being part of a team or just like having fun.