Northland TeamGym & Tumbling – KiwiSport Project

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At the end of 2017, Gymnastics NZ was granted Kiwisport funding from Sport Northland on behalf of Northland Clubs to assist with getting TeamGym and Tumbling programmes off the ground in Northland. As TeamGym was completely new to the region, the KiwiSport funding was vital to its successful introduction. It provided clubs with a financial buffer while the concept was introduced, and participants engaged. KiwiSport funding enabled coaches to attend Elementary TeamGym and Tumbling coach qualifications, subsidised coaching costs for three terms of delivery and contributed towards a TeamGym event.
Throughout the year, these programmes have been taken up by Active Attitude, Fantastic Gymnastics, Whangerei Academy of Gymnastics and Bay of Islands Gymnastics Club culminating in a TeamGym and Tumbling competition hosted by Fantastic Gymnastics in November. Other Northland clubs have shown an interest in these programme and we look forward to their involvement next year.

“I participated in the 5 week team gym trainings and the competition. I enjoyed the comp because the atmosphere was more relaxed than artistic competitions. We got to bond and hangout with each other in a more relaxed environment. It was not so stressful and we all enjoyed dancing together. It is great because people of different ages and skill sets can join in” – Isla (TeamGym)

“I am a junior coach, and I have been coaching in the TeamGym program this year. TeamGym is a great program, I enjoy coaching it because it’s a really positive class to be involved in. I like how everyone’s contributions are taken into account, and the team environment. The mixture of ages and abilities is really wide, and good fun to coach, and work with. It’s a lot of fun for the gymnasts and coaches” – Amelie (TeamGym coach)

“I think that TeamGym was really fun and inclusive for anyone who wanted to join and its really fun spending time with your friends and having some fun dancing around to music. TeamGym is completely different from artistic gymnastics but there is still competition included in both. It is very interesting to watch artistic routines and then a TeamGym one and just being able to see the difference between them. TeamGym is a choice that I would make and say that others should join in and give it a go, have some fun, try something different” – Elliott (TeamGym)

TeamGym and Tumbling were targeted for development by Gymnastics NZ in 2017/18 as programmes to achieve growth and retention outcomes for the Strategic Plan. Some of the key outcomes that this project has achieved in Northland are:

  • Delivery in small spaces – TeamGym and Tumbling are ideal for clubs with limited space or without a dedicated facility as the equipment set up is much less than used for traditional gymnastics programmes. For example Fantastic Gymnastics held a successful TeamGym and Tumbling competition in the Parua Bay Community Centre.
  • Retention of athletes – Both programmes appeal to a wide range of ages and abilities. TeamGym in particular appeals to teenagers as they participate in a team, performing routines together to music. These programmes not only aim to attract new people but to provide alternative pathways for those already participating in gymnastic sports.
  • Athlete-centred – While TeamGym requires coaching skill requirements it also provides opportunities for participants to input into their performances. Team members can have a lot of fun, sense of achievement and ownership working together to design their own routines, select music, theme and costumes.

More information on these programmes can be found in the Club portal, the member only page on the GNZ website or feel free to contact your Relationship Manager.  

Updated documents for 2019 and will be available in February.