Northland Aerobics Athletes Make Talent Hub

Anna RobertsonAerobics, Auckland-Northland, e-News, Regional

Congratulations to Jaimee Mason and Ruby Reed from Active Attitude, who have both been selected for Year 1 of the 2017 Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub.  The Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub is a partnership between High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ), NorthTec, the Kauri Club, Sport Northland and major sponsor Educare to provide support services to talented local athletes in the pre-high performance phase of their sporting pathway.

Each year, up to 15 additional Northland athletes are selected to join those in the national Pathway to Podium Programme, and have the opportunity to be included in the Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub programme for up to two years. Jaimee and Ruby were interviewed and selected as part of the 15 additional Northland athletes. After their initial year, athletes who excel in their sport will then have the opportunity to apply for a second year.

The first year of the programme offers regional athletes (and their coaches) an introduction into high performance sport through a series of workshops focusing on developing the athlete and coaches knowledge of the key principles of elite training and performance. Workshops that cover the following areas:

  • Nutrition
  • Mental Skills
  • Strength and conditioning principles
  • Sporting ethics and drug free sport
  • Athlete Life
  • Physiotherapy and recovery

The Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub Programme Coordinator, Ady McKenzie, will also provide athletes with generic support in developing Individual Performance Plans (IPP) (in conjunction with their coach/s and/or RSO) and regularly follow up with the athlete and coach (or RSO if no assigned coach) to monitor athlete progress. Generic support will also be offered to coaches of athletes in the Northland Pathway to Podium programme.

Regional athletes will also receive access at agreed levels to an approved gym facility and may also receive individual support services as deemed appropriate.
The Educare Northland Sports Talent Hub services and support are generic and are intended to compliment the sport specific support/services/development the Regional Sports Organisation (RSO), coach and/or NSO provide the athlete.

Wishing both Jaimee and Ruby a fun year, discovering a load of new tools to help them achieve their aerobics goals.