New Programmes Coming in 2018

Anna Robertsone-News, Regional

Team Gym
Team Gym is an exciting style of group performance, recommended for participants aged 8 years and over. It is based on the popular international European TeamGym competition combining parts of tumbling, mini-tramp and dance as a group.

TeamGym is a useful programme for clubs to retain members in a team event which encourages individual skill development, team work, creativity, originality and showmanship to provide the audience with an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic performance.

Following on from the Team Gym Workshop delivered by Brooke Kneebush from Gymnastics Australia at the Gym For All Symposium last year there has been considerable interest from clubs to grow Team Gym in NZ.

A working group with experience (local and international) in Team Gym has been put together to support the development of a national Team Gym Programme that includes a Technical Handbook, event pathways that include a pathway for club teams to compete at Australian Team Gym Competitions. Coach and judge education is also being developed.

The draft Team Gym technical handbook will be available for consultation towards the end of the year ready for roll out in 2018.

If you have any queries about Team Gym please contact Margaret Wilton – Programme Development Manager.

Tumbling Programme
A new Tumbling Programme that will cater for all levels of participation is being developed by Tumbling development group for roll out in 2018. A draft Handbook will be available by the end of September and coach education will start being offered from November 2017.