New Education Courses

Anna Robertsone-News, Education

Gymnastics NZ is pleased to announce the addition of two new coach education courses which will be held as a pilot courses in November this year.

Following on from the Gym for All Symposium last year, we will be holding a course for TeamGym Elementary Coach. TeamGym is a competitive activity for teams of 6-12 athletes across three disciplines; floor, tumbling and mini trampoline/vault. It encourages teamwork, creativity, originality and showmanship to provide the audience with an energetic, enthusiastic and dynamic performance.

The second course which will be piloted will be Tumbling Elementary Coach. Tumbling has grown immensely in numbers within the gymnastics clubs in New Zealand. GNZ has been working on a new tumbling programme which features both long and short track tumbling for both participation/community programmes and competitive. Short Track is an event that allows us to bridge the gap between the levels recreation and age group programme, where athletes compete 2-4 skills.

Both courses will be held in Auckland, and then will be further refined and rolled out in other areas in 2018. The duration of the courses will be 8 hours, with the pre-requisite of Foundation Coach or XTND Graduate.

For full course details and registration, please view the education calendar.