New 2017 Course Presenters

Anna Robertsone-News, Education, XTND Youth Leadership Programme

Andrew Forrest; Ranan Feit; Emily Feit; Kerry Mott; Melissa Wakeham; Ruth Kennedy; Christine Reed; Lisa McInroe; Tamara Maher

Over the weekend of 22-23 April, Dunedin played the perfect host for the Gymnastics NZ Presenter Training course with absolutely stunning weather all weekend.

The Gymnastics NZ Education Programme is delivered by a wide range of presenters from within our gymnastics community. These presenters are located all over the country enabling us to host courses across all regions. Each year potential presenters from within our community are invited to attend presenter training. The course was held in Dunedin this year to make it more accessible for those in the South Island as there was a need for more presenters in those regions.

The XTND Youth Leadership Programme is taking off in the South Island with new clusters up and running and more in the making. The success of this programme is dependent on having enough presenters to run the range of courses that make up the 3 years of the programme and this presenter training has given presenter numbers in the region a significant boost.

It was a fantastic weekend with eight pretty fantastic people becoming new Gymnastic NZ presenters. A huge thank you to Christine Reed (Gymnastics NZ Education Manager) who ran the course and provided us with an entertaining and informative weekend. Another thank you must go to Dunedin Gymnastics Academy who hosted the course.

Keep an eye out for one of our newbies presenting a course near you.