Millie’s Off to Ollerup

Anna RobertsonCentral-Wellington, e-News

2017 – 2018 Wanganui Boys and Girls Gym Club (WBGGC) Ollerup Scholarship recipient is Millie Manning. Ollerup is part of an International Academy (INTAC) Gymnastikhojskolen I Ollerup (established in 1920). It is a Danish Academy offering non–formal education with a special focus on Gymnastics. For more information about Ollerup Scholarships click HERE (link to National article). This scholarship is part funded by WBGGC meaning that Millie has had the task of saving over $14,000 for her upcoming travels.

Read on below to hear in Millie’s own words, how when and why she is heading to Ollerup:

“My gymnastics club, Wanganui Boy’s and Girls’ Gym Club has been affiliated with Ollerup for quite some time now (more or less 30 years). I am very privileged to be a part of such a wonderful, substantial club here in Whanganui, New Zealand. Jens and Karen Bukholt are the founders of my club and they have, every year, offered the Ollerup scholarship out to an aspiring and passionate gymnast/coach like myself. I have always wanted to go to Ollerup ever since I was a very young gymnast at the age of 8 (this is when I first heard about it due to inspiring older gymnasts/coaches eligible to be accepted).

From when I received the scholarship (Dec 2016) I have worked about 5 different jobs. I have been working in 2 cafes, Pak n’ Save, obviously the gym club, coaching competitive gymnasts and I’ve also been doing some model work for a sports photographer. All of these jobs are casual/part time so I still have a bit of time on my hands which I use for planning and doing fundraising work. I’ve done many raffles but in a few weeks I will be hosting and participating in a theatre, improvisation evening (like ‘whose line is it anyway’).

My main focus line will be dance. Then I intend to pick up the tumbling line hopefully in the second semester. This year in late January I tore the ligaments in my right arm and couldn’t train for 3 months. I am only just getting back into it now (May) and it’s still not 100%. Dance is a sensible decision in the first semester plus I am quite passionate about the performing arts. Tumbling is a huge strength of mine so I will definitely pick that up in the second semester. Once back I intend to study (2019). Most likely performing arts i.e. drama/film, stunt, dance.

I am very much looking forward to going to Europe just in general and meeting the different cultures and other people from around the world. I’m so excited to be involved with such a technological sophisticated area in the world and to learn and probably grow from the experience thrills me. I also intend to travel a bit while I’m over there especially the Netherlands since I have family there.

I have also represented NZ in Hawaii during the 2016 tour, where I placed 3rd overall in the ‘Aloha Gymfest’ and the ‘Gymnastics in Paradise’ meet.

I have always been a part of Team Gym since I started gymnastics due to my club being involved each year. Last year, performing in my team, ‘WBGGC under construction’ was my first team gym comp since 2012 because all the other years have clashed with my national training for artistic gym. Team Gym is super fun. It helped so much to decrease the stress levels I usually experience at nationals. It has such a great diversion which is what I needed while I was still a step 10 gymnast. I look forward to the bigger team gym competitions in Ollerup and Germany.”

Good luck to Millie for her travel and studies. We very much look forward to hearing about her adventures over the coming year.