Mentoring and Goal Setting

Anna RobertsonCentral-Wellington, e-News

As we fast approach Term 4 and timetables are changing it’s a great time to talk to your coaches and volunteers about their own personal goals for the term ahead.

Goal setting is often done between a line manager and a member of staff, however, this can also take place between a mentor and mentee. This may be someone within an organisation or someone external.

It is important to set goals to encourage progress, self-reflection and moments of success. The conversation where you discuss goals is as important as the goals themselves. This is a chance to find out what individual coaches/volunteers aims are. Having an insight into where someone wants to go both within the Club and in their future career helps to align future work with where they want to go and to identify where you can offer further opportunities and support.

Paid and volunteer staff are far more likely to stay with your Club if they feel they are working towards their personal goals and are being supported by the Club.

Some tips for setting goals are:
• Be specific in what you aim to achieve
• Make sure goals are measurable
• Goals need to be achievable
• Keep all goals realistic
• Decide on the time in which they will be achieved

Keep your eye out in term 4 for more information on mentoring and the mentor/mentee relationship.