Member invitation to FIG e-conference

Anna Robertsone-News

Dear Members,

Following the latest FIG press release, we would like to officially invite you to the FIG e-conference aimed at ‘Finding solutions for a respectful culture and safe training environment in Gymnastics’.

This e-conference has been designed as an interactive forum where gymnasts, coaches, technical experts, and administrators can express their views based on their daily or first-hand experiences. As stated in the press release, the purpose is to share positive experiences and methods that work well and can be replicated elsewhere.

Your ideas, proposals and registration
The e-conference is open to everyone (all Gymnastics NZ members past and present), though to receive the link you must first register

In addition to registrations, the FIG has also asked us to send in any ideas and proposals before Monday 12 October. This is to ensure constructive discussions and to help the FIG prepare for the e-conference. To do this, we ask that you have a look at the agenda topics (also shown below) and include your ideas or proposals in the registration form. If you do not have ideas to contribute, that is fine, please still register to receive the link to the e-conference.

The registration form is open now and will close at 11.59 p.m. on Sunday 11 October. We will then send all registrations to the FIG first thing on the Monday morning, to meet their deadline.

There are two sessions to the e-conference—both with identical agendas—to cater for the maximum number of people interested across all time zones. These session times are:

  • Session 1 – Tuesday 27 October 4.00 a.m. NZ time (Monday 26 October 4.00 p.m. CET)
  • Session 2 – Tuesday 27 October 8.00 p.m. NZ time (Tuesday 27 October 8.00 a.m. CET)

We encourage all those who have first-hand experience in methods to improve our sport and make it safer, to register and participate in the e-conference.

FIG e-conference agenda topics