Making Your GFA Event Stand Out from the Rest

Anna Robertsone-News, Midlands

As popularity of the GFA competition experience increases, Clubs have a great opportunity to make their mark as the competition to go to. Make the experience fun and positive and yours will be the competition that clubs and athletes come back to year after year.

Creating an atmosphere to encourage a fun positive experience is paramount. Everyone plays a part in creating the experience from the event organiser, judges and coaches through to volunteers on the day.

It’s tempting to model GFA competitions on competitive Artistic competitions and make it a mini competitive event but this is missing the beauty of the GFA event – they don’t need to follow specific rules or formats, you can let your imagination run wild. Show off your Club and get everyone involved with team gym displays, older gymnasts dressed up in clown costumes running round doing tricks etc. Find an announcer that gets the crowd clapping and cheering or doing a Mexican wave, have great music playing throughout the day, include a prize for funkiest dressed team. When you break away from the ‘traditional’ the ideas are endless.
Engage your recreational gym kids in creating the format of your GFA comp – ask them what they would enjoy and what they think others might like.
Remember at the end of the day we want the experience to be great for all gymnasts not just the few up on the podium.
Here are some hints to create a well-run day:
• Asking for volunteers early, so you have enough for on the day.
• Know your volunteers by name
• Be Prepared – clipboards with routines names etc.
• Good seating
• Great welcome to visiting clubs/schools
• Clearly explaining the procedure for the day
• Testing your printer before the day
• Have enough ribbons and spot prizes
• Enough space in the gym – clean up any spare equipment
• Clean toilets regularly throughout day
• Create an atmosphere – music, great person on the mike
• Have a fun warm-up
• Have positive judges
• Run on time, and stick to the timetable
• Fast results
• Using your XTND coaches to help run the event
• Have the gym warm enough
• Been friendly and flexible on the day

Haidee and Belinda would love to hear how your GFA events go. Please let us know how you have made your GFA comp an event to remember this year.