Local Community Adds Flair to Gisborne’s Gymnastics Competition

Anna Robertsone-News

Putting on a gymnastics competition is no small feat—it can often double as a club fundraiser and involves a lot of time and resource—so Gisborne Gymnastics club reached out to their local community to help with their women’s artistic endorsed event held 4-5 May.

Newly appointed Gisborne Gymnastics Club manager Emma Lister has no issues with picking up the phone and ringing people to ask for help. And the local community pleasantly had no issues with giving it.

Local orchards provided free fruit. The club paid this forward with a kai table that event participants were able to help themselves to, with water provided by the club.

The canteen had several products donated enabling higher takings for the club, local businesses also donated products for the judges’ gifts, the march on music was all from local Te Tairawhiti bands, and the mayor was invited to open the event.

“Reflecting on us as a community and what we have been through in the last 15–16 months, it is fantastic that we are here together—the kids are going to have fun together and parents are going to sit here to cheer them on. What an opportunity and privilege it is to be here today,” opened Mayor Rehette Stoltz.

The event was a great success for the club and the local community. Congratulations to all involved.