Gymnastics Classes Now at the Mall

Anna RobertsonAuckland-Northland, e-News, Recreational Gymnastics

North Harbour Gymnastics Club is now taking gymnastics classes to the masses – at the mall.  A leased shop space at the entrance of Glenfield Mall is now home to recreational gymnastics classes six days a week.  Their location exposes them to more than 5 million people in foot traffic and, being located at the entrance, also enables them to operate outside of Mall hours.

Already 20% of their members from the North Harbour Gymnastics Club have transferred to the new satellite, with parents preferring the option of dropping the kids at classes whilst they get shopping done or grab a coffee with friends.  This, in turn, takes pressure off the parent club with class numbers peaking.

The 20 January saw a pop up ‘Have a Go’ day in the mall, with gymnastics displays and shared information.  The official opening of the satellite is Thursday 1 February.

This is a fantastic initiative from North Harbour Gymnastics Club and we wish them every success with their Glenfield Mall satellite.