Gymnastics Chair Elected to NZ Olympic Committee

Anna Robertsone-News, South Island

Annette Purvis, Chair of Christchurch School of Gymnastics, was last month elected to the Board of the New Zealand Olympic Committee (NZOC).  Annette is also currently Chair of Athletics New Zealand where she has led a review of the organisation’s constitution and led a revitalisation of the High Performance Strategy.  Annette has held other governance roles within IPC World Athletic Championships 2011 and IAAF Women’s Committee.

We asked Annette a few questions about her newly elected position…

What motivated you to join the Board of the NZOC?
I am passionate about Sport and in particular, understand the strong sense of pride and inspiration that International Sports teams and athletes provide Kiwis. The opportunity to contribute to an organisation that has such a critical role to play really resonated with me.

Will your understanding of gymnastics, both from a sport and governance perspective, play a part in how you will approach your new role?
The experience I bring to the NZOC is really around my understanding of the challenges for sport from High performance through to grass roots delivery. I am fortunate that through my involvement with gymnastics and athletics I have also had the ability to connect with a range of people and other sports which add to my understanding of the sporting framework. I certainly will look to use my breadth of experience.

What do you think are the most significant challenges facing the NZOC?
From an outside perspective – I would say the increasing cost of the games and the increasing number of sports and how can New Zealand keep up.
The current integrity issues at a global level threaten all sports not just the NZOC, as does the way in which society is changing and wishing to engage with sport.

If you could fast forward four years to the end of your first term, what would you like to have seen the Board accomplish during this time?
Simply that we have continued to inspire and create a sense of pride. I love the fact that when its “Games time” the whole country gets engaged in our team and Sport. So for me, success is more great athletes inspiring more kids and adults to play sport or just get healthy!