Guide To Grant Funding

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GymSports NZ Guide to Grant Funding – Increase Your Chances of Success

As 2016 winds down, planning for 2017 should be in full swing. In order to achieve the many and varied plans that clubs have, one thing is key – these plans need funding to ensure they become a reality.

With grant pots shrinking and demand growing don’t leave grant funding to chance in 2017.

grant funding applicationNew to applying for grants? The Grant Funding Guide takes you through the process step by step with guidance and examples to help you along the way.

Not sure if you’re doing it right? Perhaps you have received some grants but not as many or as much as you would have liked? The guide will talk you through the different areas outlining what grant funders are looking for, key mistakes to avoid and tips on ways to make your application stand out.

A seasoned pro? Inside the guide are a wide range of ideas for improving your applications to help you maximise grant funding potential.

The Grant Funding Guide includes:

  • A step by step process for applying for funding from planning through to putting an application together and thanking funders once you are successful
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Tips from key grant providers
  • Regional grant provider lists
  • Templates including cover letter, project plan and funding calendar

Grant funders see hundreds and hundreds of applications every year, make sure you are getting the money your club needs to realise its plans for 2017.

The GymSports NZ Grant Funding Guide is available only to affiliated member clubs. Contact your Relationship Manager for your password to access the resource.