Coach & Judge Education – Planning and Funding

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With the new four-year cycle just started, Clubs need to identify the education needs of coaches and judges, especially where new qualifications are needed. Your Relationship Manager is available to help you develop a Coach and Judge Education Plan.  Using information from the Education Framework (including XTND), this will enable you to plan which courses your team need to attend and the resources required to do so.

The draft 2017 education calendars for coaches and judges are available on the website.  (Or simply type “education calendar” in the top right search function.) Courses and dates are still being confirmed so always check the dates for courses when you finalise your registrations.

Applying for Education Funding

You may not know who you will be recruiting as new coaches throughout the year and what training they might need, so even a basic plan will help you to better understand what courses will be needed and how much they will cost.  You can then start applying for funding – if you would like a letter of support then we are happy to provide these.  Please contact your Relationship Manager with plenty of notice and the following information:

  • Who you are applying to,
  • The deadline by which you need the letter
  • What you are applying for
  • How it will help your club

Again, if you would like help with education planning or funding applications, just contact your Relationship Manager.