Club Reminders

Anna RobertsonCentral-Wellington, e-News, Regional

Competition Etiquette – cell phones
There are to be no cell phones on the competition floor. This applies to everyone – coaches, floor managers, head judge, judges and recorders. This includes cell phones being used as calculators. All competition organisers need to ensure that calculators are available on every judging panel by the time the 2017 season kicks off.

Membership Spreadsheets
A reminder that membership spreadsheets are due on Monday the 5th of September – please make sure these are submitted in time to avoid late fees.

Regional Funding – Coach Education
Thank you to all those who have enrolled additional coaches for Coaching Today and Understanding Movement courses. Confirmation of funding allocations will be sent on Thursday 8 September.

The next XTND module for Years 1 and 2 is on the 4th of December.