Club Development Opportunities – Auckland-Northland

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Check out the workshops below to help develop your club and the people in it.

Busting the Busy Trap 

Do you often feel tired, stressed and overwhelmed? Are you constantly juggling urgent interruptions and constantly work under pressure?  You need to be at this workshop. It will help you put everything in order so that you have more time, more energy, and more control over how you use both. You will learn how to manage the interruptions, prioritise your tasks and overcome barriers to getting things done. It will change the way you get through your day.

  • Tuesday 14 March 9.30am-4pm, Balmoral Road, Auckland


Growing Great Volunteer Teams 

Do you wish you had more people helping out, more often? Do you attract a steady stream of volunteers but find they never stick around for long?  When it comes to volunteering, people are spoiled for choice. There is no shortage of organisations to get involved with, so in order to attract volunteers and keep them onboard, you need to offer them the best possible experience. Learn what drives people to volunteer and discover simple strategies for ensuring your volunteers get what they need to stay involved.

  • Wednesday 15 March 9.30am-4pm, Sport Waikato, Hamilton
  • Tuesday 9 May TBC – Auckland
  • August TBC – Whangarei


Growing Great Ideas

Are you an ideas person who is always looking for ways you can do things better, brighter and smarter in your organisation?  Would you like to learn specific strategies for exploring ideas and getting more people involved and engaged in the idea process?  The non-profit sector faces ongoing challenges and organisations need people who are prepared to think outside the box and explore new possibilities. This one day workshop helps you hone your skills in creativity and innovation and provides practical tools for encouraging your colleagues to get involved.

  • Wednesday 12 April TBC – Whangarei


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Funding Applications: Making the most of each opportunity – Advice From The Experts

One of the region’s major funders will explain the application process and answer all your questions to ensure your funding applications are less daunting and more effective. Resources will help you to implement your funding plan.

  • Monday 27 March – Harbour Sport, Albany


Mi-Club – Meet Potential Suppliers

Potential partners will briefly present their product offerings and are then available to discuss the benefits for your organisation.

  • Wednesday 10 May – Harbour Sport, Albany


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