Central Otago RM Visit

Anna Robertsone-News, South Island

Last month our Upper South and Otago Relationship Manager Lisa McInroe took a road trip to Central Otago.  Here’s what she had to say about it…

“During May I was fortunate enough to get to visit the very cold but very beautiful Central Otago region. Wanaka was the first stop to present the XTND Understanding Movement 2 course to an awesome group of young up and coming coaches. To be honest, I wasn’t sure who was more nervous – the kids, or me about to present my first course on my own! And being so nervous I forgot to take any photos of my time in Wanaka, but I did capture some great pics along the way.

Next stop was to Alexandra Gym Club which was awesome! This great friendly team set up and pack away their equipment for most sessions, which I had great pleasure in lending a hand with before the excited kids, full of energy, turned up to do some gymnastics. This time I did get to take some photos of the kids doing some fabulous gymnastics. Thanks for having me Alexandra Gym Club I look forward to visiting again.

I look forward to getting to more of the Otago Clubs over the coming months and if you see me at any of the events during the competition season, please come and say hello.”