Brittany Joins the Team

Anna Robertsone-News, Member Updates

We are super pleased to welcome Brittany Miln to our head office team in Auckland.  Brittany has come on board as Events Assistant, to help with the 2017 Gymnastics Championships.  Here’s a few things that Brittany shared with us when she started…

How did you find you way to Gymnastics NZ?
I have been apart of the gymnastics community for years and have had contact with Gymnastics NZ as an athlete, coach and judge.

What have you been doing for work for the last couple of years?
I worked part time in an administration role for Milestone Financial Services for three years before coming to my new role with Gymnastics NZ.

Why did you want to work for Gymnastics NZ?
Coming from a background in aerobics I have always admired the hard work and dedication that Gymnastics NZ has put into events, clubs and athletes throughout the country. Working for a company that I am passionate about is a massive bonus and seeing the behind the scenes Nationals.

What is the key thing you would like to achieve during your time here?
I would like to achieve a wider understanding of the gymnastics codes and working towards a great 2017 Nationals

What do you know about Nationals?
I have competed myself in Nationals in a time frame of 5 years, spanning from Auckland to Dunedin and everything in between. As a judge and ex-athlete I have always been on the front line. However this is an exciting opportunity to be behind the scenes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I am a book worm and love to read, I am never without a book. I enjoy listening to true crime podcasts and watch any documentary I can get my hands on. Spending time with my dog Jazz is my favourite thing to do.