Auckland-Northland – Upcoming Workshops and Seminars

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Club School Links – 17 August

Creating partnerships that benefit everyone. Discover theĀ benefits for both the Club and the School and receive resources to support your partnership.


6 Keys to a Great Club and Club WOF – 14 September

Identifies six key areas critical to running a Club, from Leadership andĀ Governance to Volunteer Management and Club Planning for the future. Ā And an opportunity to complete an on-line assessment (Sport NZ Club WOF) and receive anĀ instant report and support based upon the priorities for your Clubā€™s development.


Know Yourself as a Coach – 26 September

This workshop you will identify the way that you coach, gain knowledge about good coaching practice, and learn about an athlete centered coaching approach.


Getting Beyond Busy: Bringing Leadership back into Everyday – 29 September

This session is for the ‘normally exhausted’ and those who want to make more of a difference by focusing on what matters most in the course of their day, week or year.


Coaching Process – 3 October

Gain more of an understanding of what your coaching process is and how you align it to your season goals.