Auckland-Northland – Upcoming Events and Reminders

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Upcoming Events 

The competition season is now underway across the country. Please see this calendar for a list of upcoming competitions, courses and events in and around Auckland and Northland. Please note this document is updated regularly and a new version will be sent out with each e-News.

Entry forms for competitions can be found on the Events calendar, and registration forms for Education courses can be found on the Education calendar (both on the website).

Gymnastics NZ Reporting

Membership spreadsheets: The Term 2 membership spreadsheets were due on 29 May – all forms should now be in to avoid late penalty fees.
Membership spreadsheets should include:
• All your active term members (Membership Type: all GFA/WAG/MAG/TRA/RG)
• All your coaches (Membership Type: None)
• All your club volunteers + Judges (Membership Type: None)
Note: you do not get charged membership fees for coaches and volunteers, however we do need this information for our reporting to Sport NZ.

Participation numbers: Participation numbers are due in on 10th July.

Participation numbers are due in on 10 July.

Please send all membership spreadsheets and participation numbers to helpdesk. Any questions regarding these sheets, also contact the helpdesk.