Auckland-Northland – Upcoming Events and Reminders

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For an up-to-date list of all upcoming competitions, courses and events in and around Auckland and Northland please see this most recent version of theĀ regional calendar. Please note this document is updated regularly and a new version will be sent out with each e-News.

Entry forms for competitions can be found on theĀ events calendar, and registration forms for education courses can be found on theĀ education calendar.

Aktive Auckland ā€“ Sport & Recreation Good Sports project

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Good Sports run interactive and engaging workshops. We use powerful stories and evidence-based research from around the world, to empower adults involved in childrenā€™s sport. Whether you are a coach, parent, teacher or sport leader, Good Sports has a workshop that can help you to better help the young people you work with.

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  • Poor coach behaviour
  • Poor parent behaviour
  • Side line behaviour
  • Implementing long-term athlete development philosophies

Suitable for:

  • A parent with a child that plays sport
  • A coach of a childrenā€™s sports team
  • A club or school administrator of childrenā€™s sport

To book a FREE Good Sports Workshop for your team or community see more information.