NZ Teams on the World Stage

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August saw a more NZ teams on the world stage across aerobics, trampoline and men’s artistic gymnastics…

2017 International Aerobics Championships (ANAC) – 29 July – 2 August, Phoenix, Arizona.

Senior International
Laura Furse (Triple A Aerobics) qualified 4th (20.200) to finals where she finished 5th (20.200)
Kate Harvey (Invercargill Gymnastics Club) placed 21st (18.000) in prelims and finished 20th (17.900) in the semi finals
Taylor McCaughan (Christchurch School of Gymnastics) placed 23rd (17.666) in prelims and finished 19th (17.900) in semi finals
Jennifer Groom (Triple A Aerobics) finished 25th (17.450)
Hannah Wilton (Aspire Aerobix) finished 27th (17.200)
Jaimie Le Bas (Aspire Aerobix) finished 21st (16.650)

Age Group 2
Brooke Davies (Howick Gymnastic Club) placed 12th (18.350) in prelims and finished 7th (18.950) in finals
Kaylee Goodyer (Triple A Aerobics) finished 35th (16.450)
Sarah Spargo (Aspire Aerobix) placed 17th (17.850) in prelims and finished 9th (18.750) in finals
Catrin Pearce (Bay Aerobics) finished 29th (16.650)

Senior International Trio of Hannah, Jaimie and Kate finished 7th (17.220) in their heat.

Trampoline World Cup Minsk – 18-19 August, Belarus.

Dylan Schmidt qualified 5th (110.185) into finals, finishing 6th (30.530)
Rachel Schmidt placed 21st (97.155) in the women’s field.

29th Summer Universiade – 19-20 August, Taipei.

Our Men’s Artistic Team finished 19th.
Devy Dyson (Tri Star Gymnastics/Phoenix Gymnastics)
Callum Phillips (Tri Star Gymnastics)
Kyleab Ellis (Tri Star Gymnastics)
Luke Dobney (Tri Star Gymnastics)
Scott Butler (Tri Star Gymnastics)

See also their individual results.

Rhythmic Gracia Fair Cup – 26 – 27 August, Budapest, Hungary.

Stella Ebert (Xtreme Rhythmix) finished 23rd.

Rhythmic World Championships – 30 August – 3 September, Pesaro, Italy.

Grace Schroder (Counties Manukau Gymnastics) finished 86th (35.050)
Aya Tanaka Probert (Xtreme Rhythmix) finished 81st (37.050)

Congratulations to all those who represented New Zealand and our gymnastics community. We trust that the experience you have gained in doing so, helps you achieve your next set of milestones.