Important Changes for Qualifying Competitions

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Did you know that there are important changes for clubs holding qualifying competitions?

As you will be aware, the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA) has placed increased expectations on Clubs to ensure the safety and well-being of those who work and participate in them.

As part of our ongoing approach to improving Health and Safety (H&S) in gymnastics, Gymnastics New Zealand (GNZ) will be introducing four new requirements relating to H&S at qualifying competitions for the NZ Gymnastics Championships (NZGC) from 2018:

(Note – qualifying competitions are competitions that have an agreement with Gymnastics NZ meaning that scores from these competitions can count towards selection for NZ Gymnastics Championship events.)

1. All Clubs/Regions hosting qualifying competitions for the NZGC will be required to complete and submit an H&S Plan in order to retain their sanctioned event status. Clubs/Regions will also be required to use the GNZ health and safety templates or alternative documentation agreed to between the Hosting Club and GNZ.

2. All qualifying competitions for the NZGC must have a nominated Event Manager and Floor Manager onsite for the duration of the competition. The Event Manager is responsible for the overall event including the H&S of everyone there. The Floor Manager takes responsibility for hazards and people management on the competition floor and warm-up area.

3. All coaches whose athletes are competing at the level eligible to attend the NZGC (E.g. WAG STEP 5, MAG Level 4, RG Level 4 etc.) must hold (at a minimum) the Elementary Coach qualification for their code in order to be on the floor or warm-up area with their athletes at qualifying competitions for the NZGC. In 2019, the minimum requirements for coaches of Nationals level athletes will increase and minimum requirements for coaches on the floor with lower level athletes at all competitions will be added.

4. Clubs hosting qualifying competitions for the NZGC must submit an event report to GNZ within three weeks of the event.

The templates listed above will be sent out to Clubs along with their licence agreements.
If you have any questions about these changes or would like support in implementing them, please do not hesitate to contact your Regional Relationship Manager.