Howick Rhythmic’s Hair and Makeup Workshop

Anna RobertsonAuckland-Northland, Competitive Gymnastics, e-News, Rhythmic gymnastics

We love this little parent-gymnast evening that Howick Rhythmics does annually.  It’s a hair and makeup workshop targeted at gymnasts new to competitions.  The workshops teach parents how to do a tight and secure rhythmic bun in different styles.  They then get to play around with make-up trying out different shades and colours to best make the girls’ leotards pop.

Such a great opportunity to engage both parents and athletes in a fun environment.  You could even get some product supporters on board.  Howick Rhythmics had Maureen Tanner from World Organics (a Level 4 parent) join them, and she provided the make-up for everyone to try.

The girls and mums at Howick Rhythmics had a blast and they now have two less things to worry about on competition mornings.