2017 NZ Gymnastics Champions Named

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October was indeed a busy month for the competitive gymnastics community as another season of hard work and a lot of time in the gym, has culminated at our domestic pinnacle events.  More than 1,000 athletes competed across all five gymnastics sports in the 2017 Aerobics and Rhythmic Gymnastics Championships in Auckland, the 2017 NZ Artistic Gymnastics Championships in Nelson and the 2017 NZ Trampoline Championships in Christchurch.

The 2017 National title holders are:

  • Rhythmic – Stella Ebert (Auckland)
  • Aerobics – Laura Furse (Gymsport Manukau)
  • Men’s Artistic – David Bishop (Auckland)
  • Women’s Artistic – Charlotte Ryan (Harbour)
  • Trampoline Men – Kieran Growcott (Canterbury)
  • Trampoline Women – Alexa Kennedy (Gymsport Manukau)
  • Synchro Men – Kieran Growcott / Campbell Robertson (Canterbury / Canterbury)
  • Synchro Women – Rachel Schmidt / Alexa Kennedy (Auckland / Gymsport Manukau)
  • Double-mini Men – Kieran Growcott (Canterbury)
  • Double-mini Women – Alexa Kennedy (Gymsport Manukau)

A big congratulations to you all.

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