Waitoa Free Range Chicken Partnership

Anna RobertsonCommunity Sports Newsletter

Exciting times for Gymnastics NZ when a partnership agreement was reached with Waitoa Free Range Chicken in December 2016. One of the most important aspects of the partnership agreement was its direct value at club level, this has been evident from the following contributions that have been seen across the country so far:
· 15,000 ‘Waitoa Star of the Week’ Certificates distributed
· 3,000 balloonies distributed
· 5,000 Waitoa Free Range Chicken recipe cards promoting healthy eating for our budding young athletes.
· 5 winners of the first online competition who received a fundraising pack worth $200 to raffle in their clubs

Thank you to all the clubs that have been supporting this partnership through your membership channels. The relationship with partners like Waitoa Free Range Chicken will become increasing important in the next few years as we seek alternative revenue sources to support our gymnastics sports.

Remember to tag #waitoagymstars on your Facebook and Instagram pages so that Waitoa Free Range Chicken can see the happy little faces receiving their certificates and spread the word that Waitoa Free Range Chicken is the chicken of choice for healthy minds and bodies!