Sport NZ Reporting

Anna RobertsonCommunity Sports Newsletter

Every year Gymnastics New Zealand reports back to Sport New Zealand on what we have achieved against their investment. This is one of the reasons why the submission of your membership and participation data is so important to us. Here are some of the other important factors:

  • It shows the size of our regional, and national, membership which is a key factor for Sport NZ when considering funding levels into National Sport Organisations
  • The data allows us to paint a picture for other funders or partners who we ask to invest in the development of our sports and want to see the impact we have on local communities;
    • Ages of participants
    • How many are participating in each code?
    • Which region are they are participating in?
    • How often are they participating?
    • How many coaches do we have across the country?

During this funding round Sport New Zealand has changed their reporting methods. Historically, they have only required quantitative data from us, the new format has a stronger emphasis on qualitative, evidence based data. Sport New Zealand want to hear how their investment is having an impact and how we know this.

We have already started to look at how we best measure impact and support our reporting with evidence. Please continue to support our reporting efforts as it will be more critical than ever to show the importance and impact of our sports during the next Sport New Zealand investment rounds in 2019.