The Sport NZ insights approach

Anna RobertsonCommunity Sports Newsletter

Maintaining and increasing participation rates in sport is a key part of Sport NZ’s Strategic Plan and Community Sport Strategy.  The Sport NZ Insights Team have developed a range of initiatives to support the delivery of their strategy including the development of an interactive online insights tool. (Link to the Insights article in the last regional e-news on how to access the tool)

In developing greater knowledge of what people want, and why, Sport NZ is supporting the development of a sport and recreation sector that is adaptive and responsive to the needs of participants (participant-focussed).  To be adaptive and responsive the sector needs to be able to:
– target participants with the right products and services
– respond to the changing trends in participation; and
– deliver enriching and rewarding experiences

To achieve this, the sport and recreation sector needs to combine relevant information from different sources to uncover insights that inform decisions that ultimately positively impact on participation – Sport NZ insight approach.

Sport NZ insights definition:

“A combination of facts, data, voice-of-the-participants, local knowledge and analysis that helps us make better decisions that in turn benefit participants.”