Anna RobertsonCommunity Sports Newsletter

During 2016 Gymnastics NZ was very focused on gathering insights to support the development of a Programme Framework that will be a guiding document for future programme direction.

Insights are gathered from a range of data and information.  The term membership data that clubs supply is uploaded to our central database and allows the analysis of membership to identify trends and highlight potential areas of focus.

External influences also contribute to insight development and many staff across the organisation attend sport sector workshops on a regular basis to keep up to date with industry trends.  One of the significant changes in the past 18 months has been the change in direction of Sport NZ to increase the lifelong participation in physical activity of all New Zealanders.  The collaborative sport, health and education sector initiatives around this will start to roll out in the near future.  Keeping the Gymnastics NZ community informed of these changes is a priority for the Community Sport team.

The insights project has also highlighted the need to understand how membership is tracking on a regular basis.  Processes are being developed to ensure there is regular monitoring of targeted focus areas and the communication of these market trends and influences are shared with clubs and sport leader groups.  This information gathering and analysis will cut across many roles at Gymnastics NZ in a coordinated effort to provide relevant information to support decision making for future projects and priorities.   In turn, insights will support clubs to meet the needs of future members through Gymnastics NZ or club-based programmes.