Health and Safety Wellington Leaders’ Forum

Anna RobertsonCommunity Sports Newsletter

Earlier this year Belinda Randall attended the Schools Sport Health and Safety Sector Reference Group in Wellington. This meeting brought together key people within school sport as well as health and safety leads from 20 different sporting codes.

Discussion at the meeting focused firstly on how sports need to be engaging with schools to ensure that they are meeting both their own and the schools’ health and safety requirements both when delivering in schools, running events for schools and delivering to schools off the school site. The second part of the meeting involved sports grouping together to look at what they are doing currently with health and safety, learning from others and identifying what gaps they currently have.

It was a great opportunity to look at the subject of health and safety in a broader sporting context and the information learnt has been included in the Gymnastics NZ Health & Safety Guidelines that are currently being finalised.