Health & Safety – June Updates

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Gymnastics NZ Health & Safety Guidelines Launched

We’re very pleased to be launching the Gymnastics NZ Health & Safety Guidelines for Clubs. This resource has been developed to support those involved in running clubs (committees, centre manager and administrators) to better understand your H&S responsibilities, what you should be doing to meet them and how you can build a culture of H&S in your club.

An Introduction to the Resource and how to use it.

Gymnastics NZ Health & Safety Guidelines For Clubs.

Health & Safety at Work Act (Asbestos) Regulations 2016
In 2016, new asbestos regulations were put in place. These require all PCBU’s (person conducting a business or undertaking) with management or control of a workplace, structure or plant constructed before 1 January 2000 to put an Asbestos Management Plan in place to ensure that the risks caused by asbestos or ACM (asbestos containing materials) are minimised.

The regulations include building owners, property managers and landlords. Tenants have an obligation to work with the landlord to ensure asbestos has been clearly identified and an Asbestos Management Plan is put in place.

These regulations came into full effect on 4 April 2018. Please read more about what is required of clubs and more detailed information on Asbestos Management Plans.

Gymnastics NZ Event Health & Safety Requirements
As you will be aware, as part of an ongoing commitment to improving H&S in our sport, Gymnastics NZ added new requirements for clubs hosting qualifying competitions in 2018.

These requirements were put in place to help clubs ensure that they are meeting their H&S obligations. See below for the requirements and their associated submission deadlines.

  • 1 month prior to an event – Event H&S plan
  • 2 weeks prior to an event – Coaches list (ensuring that all coaches on the floor with athletes eligible for Nationals hold a minimum of elementary coach qualification in the relevant code) and Judging panels
  • Within three weeks of an event – Event report including final judging panels


Please ensure that the relevant documents are submitted to within the timescales above. Your Relationship Manager is available to provide templates and assistance if necessary.