Gymnastics NZ Updates and Reminders – November 2019

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter

Summer Camps
We have included summer camps on the events calendar for Summer 2019/2020. Just scroll down for the calendar.
If you have a summer camp you would like to see included on the calendar please contact your Relationship Manager with details.

Child Protection
In 2020 there will be a significant focus on Child Protection/Safeguarding Children. This will include:
• Promotion of Child Protection workshops (local and online)
• The delivery of a Child Protection webinar run by Safeguarding Children specifically for Gymnastics clubs. This will be aimed at those who take a lead role in this area (committee/centre managers/child protection officers) and will focus on developing and implementing child protection policy. This webinar will take place in March and has been designed to ensure that it is accessible to clubs all over the country.
• Child protection policy template designed for gymnastics clubs – this will be available after the webinar to ensure that clubs have the skills and knowledge to utilise it effectively.
• Ongoing support through the Relationship Manager team.
There are many child protection workshops run throughout the country – a quick google search will bring up what is local to you. If you have trouble getting coaches to attend due to work commitments, this online module run by Safeguarding Children is a good start.
We encourage all coaches and other staff working with children to attend some type of child protection training.

Club Portal Resource Library
The Resource library on Club Portal holds a wide range of resources, guides and templates. These resources are largely gymnastics specific and are designed to save you time.
We are continually adding to these resources and if you have any suggestions of what you would like to see included please let us know.
Examples of what can be found in the resource library include (this is not a complete list – see Resources in Club Portal for more):


  • Grant Funding Guide and templates
  • Fundraising Guide and templates

Health and Safety

  • GNZ H&S Guide for Clubs
  • Key Areas of Responsibility for H&S (new)
  • GNZ H&S Induction Checklist template
  • an extensive list of other resources and templates

Human Resources

  • Staff and Volunteer Induction Handbook template
  • Payscale Guidelines for Gymnastics Coaches and Administrators
  • Performance Appraisals – Introduction guides and template (new)


  • Club Annual Planning Processes and templates


  • Marketing resources – Email, Facebook and Website


  • TeamGym
  • Tumbling
  • School Festivals

Ollerup 2019-2020 Scholarship Update

2020 is a special year for Ollerup as it turns 100 years old. Gymnastics NZ are proud of the long relationship with Ollerup and of the calibre of the students who have completed their scholarships, are currently on scholarship or are soon to travel away. See below for an update on current students and recipients:

Zoe Williams from Harbour City Gymsports has just been awarded the 2020- 2021 12 month scholarship and will be studying Power Tumbling. Zoe has been involved in gymnastics for 17 years with her love of the sport beginning young as a 3 year old. Over the years Zoe has competed in Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, has tried trampoline and Team Gym and has now settled with Adult Gymnastics. Zoe is also a coach at Harbour City Gymnastics, dedicating close to 20 hours a week coaching school community programmes through to competitive. Zoe has chosen to study Power Tumbling while away. Congratulations Zoe!

Teresa Iaccarino from Argos Gymsports Tauranga (holder of the 2019 – 2020 12 month scholarship) is currently attending Ollerup. In October she travelled to Budapest where she attended the MOVE Congress. To find out more read her report home.

Off to Ollerup for the Spring 2020 Scholarship is Tara Fitzgerald (Waikanae Gymnastic Club) to study Rhythmic Gymnastics. Congratulations – we look forward to tracking her progress.

Gymnastics NZ Reminders
Participation Numbers – these are now submitted via Friendly Manager and should be done at the completion of a term. Term 4 2019 is due in by 31 January 2020, however if you have completed all your casual sessions before the end of term, you can submit at any time. If you need any assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager.
Practical Coaching Hours – these are submitted via Club Portal. The advertised deadline for this was 6 December, however, this has been revised and is now 31 January 2020.
Practical coaching hours are only submitted for coaches with an Elementary qualification (or higher). If there are any coaches who have this level of qualification who do not appear on your list in Club Portal, please contact for assistance. Please note – If a coach has attended Elementary Coach course but not submitted their post-course assignment, they will not appear until this has been done.