Education Updates – June 2019

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter

Practical Coaching Hours
Please ensure that your club has submitted Practical Coaching Hours for 2018. Practical hours are now submitted by Club Administrators through Club Portal.
Practical Hours are required for coaches to maintain their qualification and are also a requirement for those coaches working with gymnasts who compete at the New Zealand National Championships. Not only is it a requirement for coaches wanting to be part of a regional team and coach on the floor at Nationals, but it is also a requirement to be eligible for a coaching medal.
As practical hours is used to maintain qualification, under the practical coaching hours tab in Club Portal, administrators will only be able to log hours against the qualifications of coaches which are fully complete and not ‘in progress’. Qualifications are deemed complete if all components (including any post-course assignments, verification of hours, first aid) have been submitted.
Submit hours against the highest level qualification for a coach. Please only submit the hours if coaches are working at the level of their qualification. For example, if a Senior Coach for RG coaches from levels 4-9, only submit the number of hours that they are working with senior gymnasts (level 7+).
A tip for clubs: whilst you are preparing the information is to ‘save’ and then once you have all the coaches from your club entered, then hit ‘submit’. Once hours are submitted for the year, then you will be unable to edit the hours.
At present, it is a requirement for coaches who will be attending Nationals to have submitted coaching hours for 2018.
If you have a query about a coach qualification, please contact your Regional Relationship Manager or email the education team.

XTND Update
Since the last Clubland newsletter, we have had over 100 coaches register on the XTND Start It module, which is the first module that new XTND Coaches complete. We have also had new redesigned practical courses (XTND Balance It) take place in Auckland, Christchurch, Wanganui and Wellington.
As the first module for XTND is online, coaches may start into the programme at any point during the year. Once the online module is completed, coaches may enrol on any of the new practical courses in any order. This is great news for clubs as coaches can start on their qualification journey at any time, rather than waiting for the beginning of the following year. It isn’t too late to get started this year, so if new clubs wish to have their young coaches gain qualifications through XTND, please contact your Regional Relationship Manager.
Check out the most recent course dates for XTND on the Education calendar and Club Portal.

Education Calendar
While many education courses have been held already in 2019, please ensure you keep up-to-date with the current courses we have planned for the remainder of the year. The next few months are quite busy with many competitions and festivals. New events are being added to the calendar all the time. In order to fit in with presenter and venue availability and relevant competitions, it means that some course dates have been changed. New courses will also be added to the calendar.
To keep up to date with current course dates, please visit the Education calendar and Club Portal.
Once dates are confirmed, the course will appear for registration in Club Portal.

Coach and Judge Contact Details
The contact information which appears against coaches and judges on our database is drawn from the information supplied by clubs through their Friendly Manager database. In some cases, email addresses and phone numbers have not been entered by the club for their coaches and judges. This means that when a coach or judge is registered on a course, we cannot communicate with them to confirm course information or send any documents required prior to courses. It also means that when we create spreadsheets of up-to-date coaches and judges for events, contact information is not available. We would like to encourage all clubs to ensure that all contact details for their coaches and judges have been updated on Friendly Manager.