Athlete Well-Being

Anna RobertsonClubland Newsletter

The Athlete Well-Being Project was initiated through Project 2020 and athlete well-being will now be a regular feature in Clubland. For Athlete well-being to become integrated into the mind-set of all of those involved with athletes – coaches, parents and administrators, then the starting point to implement change is where the policy and decisions are made. We will update you on how the project is progressing and promote awareness of the issues and topics related to athletes.

Early Specialisation in Sport

There is increasing conversation in the sport community on the need for and impact of early specialisation in sport. This is confronting for sports such as gymnastics where ‘starting early’ is required in some codes to develop the skills required. This does not mean that gymnastics has to adopt a ‘later start approach’, instead we need to be considering how we can look after athletes who do start early so the issues that are being raised for early specialisation are addressed in gymnastics codes. It is envisaged that the Athlete Well-Being Project will address this issue.
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