Board Resolution: International Tours

Anna RobertsonCEO / Board Updates

At its recently held meeting, the Board of Gymnastics New Zealand has made the following resolution with regards to International Travel.

All New Zealand representative pinnacle and performance level tours (where teams are selected by Gymnastics New Zealand) through to 30 June 2022 will be allowed to proceed under the current government guidelines around international travel. For clarity, these performance events are World Cups, Oceania Championships, World Games, and Senior World Championships (pinnacle). The Board grants Gymnastics New Zealand the discretion to authorise additional travel and competition directly related to the above events where appropriate.

Any request for travel including the above-mentioned events must be sent to Gymnastics New Zealand for approval.

At this stage due to the ongoing uncertainty around international travel and the current New Zealand Government advice not to travel overseas, along with requirements of MIQ, self-Isolation, and the current Omicron outbreak around the world, Gymnastics New Zealand will not be endorsing any other international travel to any other events including any participation level events such as Australian Nationals, age group tours or club tours.

The above resolution and advisories will be reviewed at the end of June at which time there may be more certainty around international travel in line with government travel advisories.

Tony Compier
CEO – Gymnastics NZ