Watch Live and On-demand: 2023 NZ Gymnastics Championships

Anna Robertson2023 NZ Gymnastics Championships

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We are delighted to share that we will once again be bringing the NZ Gymnastics Championships to you via livestream and on-demand. We learn a lot each year from broadcasting the event, largely thanks to those who take the time to feedback to us, and we’ve used learnings from last year to step up our game and create this year’s virtual event experience for you.

Access to all 13 channels
Yes, we have added an extra channel this year for prizegivings—you all spoke loud and clear that you wanted to see these, so we will be broadcasting all prizegivings live as they happen, which can then be watched on demand.

We have also simplified tickets so that every pass gives you access to everything happening at the event—just like walking through the doors of the event, you are free to wander around as you wish, and have the best view in the house of all gymnastics competitions.

  • Rhythmic and aerobics – these two competition floors alternate, with multiple cameras following each athlete.
  • The trampoline channel is dedicated to the individual and synchro competitions.
  • Tumbling and double-mini – the competition kicks off with tumbling on day 1, after which the track is replaced by the double-mini trampoline and runway for the remainder of the event.
  • 9 artistic channels – that’s a channel for all men’s and women’s apparatus. The only people with a closer view are the judges.
  • A dedicated prizegiving channel – watch more moments of glory as athletes are awarded their medals. The channel will be live when prizegivings are happening. In between you will have the prizegiving schedule to tell you when the next medals are being awarded and the channel goes live again.

You can try before you buy now
Like last year, we will be offering a free livestream on training day, but we want to give you a taste of the experience before then. So you will be able to watch last year’s on-demand free, to help decide if you want to purchase a pass.

Obviously we are in a different venue this year, but we will be using the same/similar camera placements. We will be set up on training day and streaming free from 4 pm for you to have a look around.

Easier to watch on-demand
This year, our on-demand videos will have chapters, so you can mouse over the play slider to find the session you want to watch.

Please note that last year’s on-demand does not have this, so unless you know what time an athlete competed, then it can be tricky to find a specific routine.

Watch live and on-demand for 12 months
We offered 3 months on-demand access last year, but you told us that you wanted longer, so this year all week passes come with 12 months on-demand access.

  • Day pass $35
    Watch the livestream only for the calendar day that you purchase this pass (regardless of the time of day that you purchase). Whilst you can rewind to a previous point in the livestream, you can only watch whilst the stream is live. Once competition has finished then there will be no livestream to watch. There is no on-demand access for this pass.
  • Week pass $75
    Watch live and on-demand. Again, you can only watch live whilst the stream is live, and on-demand footage is available from the next day (it gets uploaded overnight) i.e. Wednesday’s livestream will be available to watch on-demand first thing Thursday morning.
  • Earlybird week pass $65 – offer expired 19 June.

Both day and week passes give you access to all 13 channels.

We will have commentary across all channels including our own community experts to talk you through the performances, with the artistic commentary being shared across the apparatus.

We look forward to seeing you there.

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