Learning the Haka

Anna Robertson2016 Indo Pacific Championships

All of the teams at the 2016 Indo Pacific Championships this morning took part in a cultural experience led by the Kahurangi Dance Company. Athletes learned how to do a haka, use poi, play with tititoria and some traditional maori games.

“We may be at an international competition, but there is definitely no sign of competition here this morning. Five countries played, smiled and laughed like they have known each other all their lives. And for them all to be able to take another piece of kiwi culture home with them, is really special.” Rebecca Weber, GymSports NZ Events Manager.

The story of this haka (Na Te Rauparaha O Ngati Toa), is that a man was being chased by a neighbouring iwi (tribe) so he hid in a kumara pit.  A
woman then covered over the pit to hide him inside and the iwi who was chasing him, ran straight past.  While he was hiding in the pit, he said these words:

Japan learning the hakaKa mate, ka mate,
Will I die, will I die?
Ka ora, ka ora,
Or will I live?
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru
It was this woman
Nana nei I tiki mai whakawhiti te ra
Who caused the sun to shine again
Upane, kaupane
Line up in lines
Upane, kaupane whiti te ra.
And let the sun shine again.