There are instances where Gymnastics NZ require individuals in the care or supervision of young people to undergo NZ Police vetting.

Such occurrences are likely to be:

–          Newly employed

–          Caregiver role e.g., official or chaperone accompanying an athlete/s on a national or international tour

–          Direct contact with a minor or vulnerable person/s in an unsupervised capacity

If you have NZ Police clearance of no more than 12 months duration and have been requested to undergo vetting, please forward the confirmation to your Gymnastics NZ contact.

For a new check, please complete the NZ Police Vetting Service Request and Consent form (Section 2 and 3).  This form is available in both pdf and Word format.  A form of identification is to be provided with your completed consent.

Guide to completing the request and consent forms.

Forms for NZ checks only

Forms for NZ & Australia checks


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