We are delighted to announce the members of the newly formed Gym For All Sport Development Committee (GFA SDC).

This group will be tasked with providing leadership, guidance and support to GNZ in the development of a GFA strategy and the deployment of that strategy in the coming years.

Chair – Haylee Ross (North Harbour Gymnastics)
Haylee is the Recreation Programme Manager at North Harbour Gymnastics, she manages 45 staff across seven sites so is no stranger to management and leadership. Haylee is experienced in strategy development and planning and has plenty of coaching and programme implementation experience under her belt. She is customer and athlete-centric and growth mindset driven. All of these skills, alongside her solution-based approach and positive persona, will be a huge asset to the Chair position.

Aerobics Advisor – Rachel Harvey (Hamilton City Gymsports)
With 24 years of experience across a range of GFA disciplines including Aerobics, recreational artistic gymnastics, TeamGym and Tumbling, as well as some international experience in the mix, Rachel is the perfect choice for this role. She also has club management, strategy development and planning skills.

TeamGym Advisor – Hannah Prout (Fantastic Gymnastics)
Hannah has over 33 years of experience in gymnastics (NZ and UK), this includes in TeamGym, of which she has international knowledge and connections, Tumbling and Acrobatics. She has extensive programme development and implementation knowledge and is very much an athlete-centred coach. She brings enthusiasm and fun to all she does and will be a fantastic addition to the GFA SDC.

General Gymnastics Advisor – Stephen Van Huysen (Eastern Suburbs Gymnastics Club)
Stephen is coach with over 10 years experiencing in programme development and implementation in GFA pre-school, artistic and Tumbling across a wide range of ages, skills and abilities. Stephen is also familiar with Parkour which will be a wonderful cross over skill set.

Trampoline Advisor – Leo Rodrigues (Tri Star Gymnastics)
Leo was previously on the Trampoline SDC as the Participation Advisor. He has 12 years of coaching experience across a range of GFA and ompetitive disciplines including artistic gymnastics and, of course, trampoline, from pre-school through to adult participation. He is extremely passionate about the development of GFA Trampoline.

Rhythmic Gymnastics Advisor – TBC
Watch this space!

The first meeting of the GFA SDC will be in February 2019. We are so excited about the skills and experience of this fine group and congratulate them all on their appointments.

GFA SDC Terms of Reference

Position Descriptors


GFA SDC application form

Memo to members – call for applications – 8 November


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