A message from the Steering Committee Appointments Panel…

Please also see a message from Sally McKechnie (Chair of the Steering Committee) and Karina McHardy (Athletes Representative, Appointments Panel) on instagram.

Thank you to everyone who has participated in the Independent Review of Gymnastics hui last week. We’ve had great engagement and helpful feedback so far.

As we have listened to the feedback, a couple of key themes have emerged that we would like to explore further, in particular with athletes and those who identify as survivors from the gymnastics community. Key feedback has been:

  • Further clarity/opportunities sought for the voices of coaches, officials, administrators, clubs and volunteers on the Steering Committee and as part of the overall process
  • We’ve received a range of views about the use of the term “survivor”, with some feeling it was included in “athlete-centred” and others feeling it was an important distinction.

The intention of linking athlete/survivor in this way was to seek representation from those with experience as a gymnast and to include and respect those who identify as survivors – without excluding those who do not see their experience in this way, or do not wish to disclose this as part of their participation. We have already had considerable feedback on this point and particularly seek the athlete community views about how to approach this.

While consultation and the opportunity for feedback via the Gymnastics New Zealand website remains open until Thursday 23 September, we want to act now on this initial feedback by offering additional ways to engage with the Appointments Panel specifically relating to athlete and survivor voices in the Steering Committee Terms of Reference and key competencies/skills and experience required for athlete, including survivor, representatives on the Steering Committee.

We want to test the role description and required competencies with you and also hear your feedback around how you would like to engage with the Steering Committee. There are three ways to provide your feedback:

  • Direct, confidential one-to-one engagement

The independent Appointments Panel is available to engage directly with those individuals who would prefer to speak one-to-one. If you would like to engage directly in writing or via Zoom then please contact chair@gymnasticsappointmentspanel.co.nz or chair@gymnasticssteeringcommittee.co.nz to make arrangements.

One-to-one feedback is an important and valuable way for the Appointments Panel to hear feedback from the community. To help ensure that we meet programme timelines and have the Steering Committee up and running by the end of the year, the opportunity for one-to-one feedback in this part of the process is open until Thursday 30 September, 2021.

Please note that all correspondence is treated with the utmost confidentiality.

  • A short survey – closed midday Sunday 26 September

We have developed this short questionnaire focused on what you would like to see around athletes and survivors as part of this process. We note that individuals may have multiple experiences e.g. as an athlete, coach, parent, administrator and will also bring experiences from outside the gymnastics community.

  • Hui focused on the athlete and survivor aspects in terms of reference and key competencies – complete

The independent Appointments Panel hosted specific online hui for athletes and those individuals who may identify as survivors. Gymnastics New Zealand was not be present at these confidential hui.

Hui were held on the following dates:

We would like these hui to be safe spaces for athletes and those who identify as survivors to participate. For this reason, we are asking those only who fit this profile and are aged 16 years or over to attend. Anyone who does not fit this profile should not attend and will be asked to leave.


Dr Shane Collins

Chair of the Steering Committee Appointments Panel


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