Covid-19 Updates – 2021

Anna RobertsonCovid-19

9 September – level 2 update for rest of NZ (Auckland in level 4)

See the latest update from Sport NZ with their updated information for Play, Active Recreation, and Sport at alert level 2. This information has not long been released so, though there are some key points highlighted in the update, both ourselves and clubs will need some time to digest it in full.

We are holding a zoom session with clubs tomorrow morning (link will be sent via helpdesk), to talk through these new guidelines. Clubs will share further information with members once they can confirm level 2 operations for their premises.

8 September – Auckland level 4, rest of NZ level 2

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 7 September, everyone outside of the Auckland borders moves to level 2, which means all clubs outside of Auckland are able to open under a revised set of level 2 restrictions. Sport NZ is still waiting on clarity on what these guidelines look like and we will share this information with clubs once we receive it. See also the latest Sport NZ update.

1 September – Auckland and Northland level 4, rest of NZ level 3

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 31 August, everyone south of the Auckland border moves to level 3. Auckland and Northland remain in level 4. Clubs still remain closed until level 2.

More information on these restrictions can be found on the Sport NZ and government websites.

18 August – Full country in level 4 lockdown

From 11.59 pm Tuesday 17 August, the entire country is back in lockdown. This of course means that all gymnastics clubs will be closed. Though unexpected, we have all been here before and now have good processes in place for managing the different alert levels. We are communicating with clubs directly, and resources are available on club portal and through Sport NZ’s guidance on their website.

See also the government covid website.

Information published during Covid-19 alert levels in 2020.